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Lifestyle Backpacks-American Shield Granite 25

Whenever you plan to hit the treks, it’s really important that you choose the best travel backpack to accompany you. There are a lot of things to consider from the size of your backpack to its material, fit and suspension among several others. You can’t simply buy the first fashion backpack that you may come across as your decision here will determine how comfortable your travel experience is going to be.


Both Mr.H and myself love travelling, whether it is long holidays, camping, glamping or even a short weekend break. For short breaks and day trips we prefer to carry backpacks. A well-designed and functional backpack in the right size usually holds everything we would need for a day trip or hike. And recently we had the opportunity to get a fashion backpack - the American Shield Granite 25 Backpack.

American Shield (as you would have guessed from the name) is an American fashion backpack brand. American Shield Granite 25 Series backpack  are designed and made in USA. The brand has been around for decades and they have been innovating with smart design and coming up with superior quality luggage and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style. American Shield recently released a new Granite 25 backpack range. Lightweight and durable and with plenty pockets these new backpacks are perfect for daily use or travel.


When we received the backpack, both me and Mr.H immediately agreed that the backpack looked very versatile and functional. Just how we like a backpack to be. The backpack has accompanied us on day trips and a weekend break and so far it has been a wonderful experience. It is lightweight, well-made and quite spacious. With clever packing we were able to fit in a lot of stuff. And very comfortable to carry, according to Mr.H.




We loved the sleek and stylish look of the backpack. The black and brown combo is a classic combination and attention has been paid to finer details like the magnetic clasps, the zippers used, the materials used, the stitching - everything looks and feels good. It is a fashionable backpack. But quality and functionality have also been taken care of. The backpack is a good size, very spacious and we love that it comes with so many pockets/panels. Makes organising and retrieving stuff so much easier.

To sum it up, we think the Granite 25 backpack is a good mix of fashion and functionality. 

To find out more details about the brand and the backpack, you can visit American Shield's website.


Life is always in motion. Everything from technology to lifestyle essentials should be able to go where you go. AMERICAN SHIELD continues to ensure whatever you need travels easily, safely, and stylishly with you.

Backpacks aren't just for school or travel anymore! Backpack is part of the clothes and lifestyle now. Read more lifestyle blog here


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