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Fashion Backpacks & Designer Backpacks – Granite 25

Life is always in motion. Everything from technology to lifestyle essentials should be able to go where you go.

Are you looking for a classic fashionable best Travel Mate this holiday season? AMERICAN SHIELD backpack Granite 25 series is your best companion.

AMERICAN SHIELD backpack Granite 25 series is a fashion&luxury brand that is specially designed in the USA. It is a smart design, superior, quality luggage, and travel gear ergonomically designed to make your travel easy, safe and stylish.

Backpack among men is desired to be spacious enough to fit in some decent hardware yet less-oversized. Done well, backpack should bring the urban-adventure realness and effortlessly add an elegant touch to the overall attire. But you need to get your choice right? We’re here to unveil some viable options for choosing the right Luxe Backpack that will never go out of the style.

Think quality canvas that can last years and effortlessly carry the sports Luxe wind coupled with sophistication to stay balanced between adventure and professional.

If a multi-functional yet elegant and classic backpack is what you need then you should consider American Shield- the brand has incorporated all modern features to their backpacks.

Designed in USA, the exclusive American Shield Granite 25 Backpack is built to stand upright for both the enterprising and traitorous spirit. The ultra-light backpack comes with smart-casual, stunning appearances and designed for classy individuals.

Looking for an efficient backpack? Look no further, GRANITE 25 Backpack from American Shield has it all. Creating future to design is an everlasting challenge, but American Shield believe, this kind of youthful energy, hopeful enterprising and traitorous spirit will take American Shield design into a new era.

One of the best-selling backpacks this year happens to be Granite 25 backpack from American Shield. The criteria for which the backpack took its position among many individual’s essential pieces are its design, versatility and craftsmanship. The backpack is created for the modern commuters with functionality, durability and versatility in the mind. The black-brown backpack brings a subtle color-touch and is a true example of fine craftsmanship which is done with urban sophistication in mind.

American Shield Granite 25 backpack can be a part of your Friday Work Wear. My 15 inch laptop, i-Pad fits perfectly in it. It helps a lot when you are on the go visiting clients or have meetings. In fact, I think it can fit a smaller laptop too without any hassle.

American Shield GRANITE 25 Backpack is indeed synonymous with forever classic backpack. With versatile standout features their backpack collections this year has been earning reputations for being the ultimate personal companion for adventure-seekers and well-known male wardrobe .

For Short getaways or Staycaytions, American Shield Granite 25 backpack also very handy. I find it so convenient to pack my wallet, passport and lots of random items. I used to carry it in a shoulder bag but it gets very messy there. American Shield Granite 25 backpack works wonders because this backpack just rests nicely on my shoulders and doesn’t disturb when you are enjoying your travel.

AMERICAN SHIELD continues to ensure whatever you need travels easily, safely, and stylishly with you.

For decades, AMERICAN SHIELD been innovating the way people handle life on the go with smart design, superior quality luggage, and travel gear meant to deliver performance and style.

Built from vision. Created by precision. No matter what adventures, challenges or opportunities are in your path, AMERICAN SHIELD makes sure you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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