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Fashion Backpacks & Designer Backpacks - AMERICAN SHIELD

I’ve always been wanting a backpack that looks elegant and great for traveling purpose. When we mention backpacks the first brand that comes to mind is probably Anello or Sandqvite which is exactly why I didn’t want to get them; because I didn’t want to carry a bag that everyone else has. While I was in HongKong last May, I have been thinking – I want a American Shield backpack! Fast forward a month after, I received an e-mail all the way from American Shield. It’s a collaboration opportunity with American Shield!

Let me introduce to you- American Shield Granite 25 fashion backpack.

Generous and Timeless design


It is quite difficult to find manufacturers that’ll design a bag with this form of great generosity in mind. Both the inner and outer compartment of granite 25 backpack are designed to serve purposes. This bag comes with an inner 15’’ laptop compartment, 8 smaller inner pockets, I front pocket, 2 external side pockets, I back pocket, I strap pocket and a top handle. You can imagine how spacious this backpack would be.


I fell in love when I first saw their Granite 25 line I mean just look at how beautiful they are! It’s really minimalistic and the color palette is amazing!

I really love the leather-canvas-metal mix of the backpack which gives it a soft, classy and slightly edgy vibes. There’s also a key ring for you to attach their leather address tag, or whatever key chain to make your bag more personal and unique! But I think the feature that makes American Shield Granite 25 fashion backpack stand out is the hook which closes the bag.



Of course the utility of the bag is important too! There’s a laptop sleeve and 2 pockets for your knickknacks. American Shield has also thoughtfully designed a passport pocket at the back of the bag, which I use for storing my portable charger.


Nothing is interesting as shopping for a quality item. Granite 25 backpack is one of the top quality backpacks existing. It is manufactured from quality materials which include oxford fabric, textile lining, quality shoulder straps, etc. If you’re to keep quality in mind when shopping for a backpack, this American Shield Granite 25 fashion backpack should not pass you by.



American Shield Granite 25 backpack is like no other backpack, it is very unique as it comes with its own special-kind of design. If you’re looking to shop for a backpack that’ll make you standout among your peers, granite 25 backpack is the best fit for you.

Also, American Shield GRANITE 25 Imagined in USA, Designed in USA, MADE IN USA. Check them on their website to see other beautiful designs!

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