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I’ve been in search of a backpack for the longest time, especially one which I can bring for trips. While functionality is important, I’m also someone who looks at quality and beauty. Hence, here’s introducing my new found love, backpacks that are American Shield.

It’s design is simple, minimalistic and looks pretty luxe. There is one for either gender to pick, and I’m sure you will be able to find one that you like.

There are actually many small details that made American Shield Granite 25 look sleek and fashionable. For example, the synthetic leather flap that gives the backpack a contrast in texture and golden magnetic clasp that closes effortlessly. As we all know, black and gold goes really well together. The straps are thin for a more fashion look but still able to withstand weight and feels really comfortable as the leather being used were soft. Apart from traveling, I also brought it to attend blogging events. It’s my latest fashion piece!


  1. Right Space & Size

The first thing to do when choosing is to make sure you have the right size. If it's too small, you won't be able to carry all the things you need. For example, you'll certainly want to carry some essentials such as towels, blankets, an extra pair of shoes, and a first aid kit. These are all items that you need to fit snugly in your new fashion backpack.

American Shield Granite 25 Green made of durable canvas, comes with a magnetic closure, 8 inner pockets, passport pocket for easy access. The straps are adjustable too so no matter what height you are, you can simply adjust it to the length that you like. 

  1. Have Plenty of panels

Another important criterion is panels. The more, the better. If the pack is not properly equipped with panels, you'll be forced to leave things behind that you may need later on. You may even be compelled to store certain items in your pockets that may be prone to fall out or get damaged. The best backpack will always be the one that has plenty of panels for you to store your goods in.

American Shield Granite 25 with plenty pockets, also able to fit a 15″ laptop so you may use this bag not just for travelling, but for your work, leisure, or perhaps even a mummy’s bag!


  1. Choice is Fashionable

At first, you may not think much about the fashionable nature of your new purchase. But this would be a mistake. You don't want to be pegged as just another annoying newbie on the trail. Instead of making do with a boring travel accessory, why not choose a high concept fashion backpack? You can find a wide range of shapes, colors, and styles at American Shield. Visit our store on the web today to find the luxury brand backpack you've been waiting for.

  1. Pay the Best Possible Price

You don't have to sacrifice in order to afford your next vacation in Europe. The pack you choose for your travels should be one that won't put a huge hole in your budget. There is no reason why you should pay top dollar for a luxury brand backpack. This is all the more true when you can visit a trusted supplier of travel items such as American Shield.

  1. Most of all,  American Shield GRANITE 25 Imagined in USA, Designed in USA, MADE IN USA.

Where to Buy American Shield Backpack? 

Head on to and browse for your favorite fashion backpack now! There are lots of designs and colors to choose from, both for men and women.


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